Part 4 in the 4-year humanities curriculum. A comprehensive overview of history from the end of the French Revolution through Present Day.

Includes 47 mp3 lectures by Dr. George Grant + slideshow presentations. Includes instructor notes, exams, answer key, reading guide, and more.


  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Literature Planning Guide
  • Opportunities and Exams
  • Lecture Slides
  • Timelines


  1. Orientation: Ancient Regime
  2.  Five Revolutions
  3.  Revolution and Reformation
  4.  The Romantic Poets (Faires
  5.  The Results of Romanticism (Faires
  6.  The 2nd Hundred Years War
  7.  The Foundations of Modernity
  8.  The Napoleonic Age & Nationalism
  9.  The Clapham Reforms
  10.  Recovering Sanity: Scott & Austen
  11.  The Revolutions of 1848
  12.  Industry, Progress, and Scientism
  13.  The Astronomical Discourses
  14.  The Election of 2012
  15.  The Kingdom of the Kurds
  16.  Victorianism
  17.  The Strategy of the Robes
  18.  Rebirth of Missions
  19.  Spurgeon and Revival
  20.  TR and the American Century
  21.  Modern Art
  22.  Modern Architecture
  23.  Realpolitik and Nationalism’s Redeux
  24.  The Last Parade
  25.  The First World War
  26.  Versailles and the New World Order
  27.  Q, Chesterton, Lewis, & Tolkien (Faires
  28.  The Southern Agrarians (Faires
  29.  Revolutions and Anti Revolutions
  30.  A New Despotism: Hitler and Stalin
  31.  Calvinism: Calm Before the Storm
  32.  Britain Alone Against the Fury
  33.  The Cataclysm of World War Two
  34.  The Paradox of the Jews
  35.  The Cold War and the Iron Curtain
  36.  The Other Roosevelt: FDR
  37.  Brave New Media World
  38.  Alms and Arms: Rights and Wrongs
  39.  Civil Rights and Wrongs
  40.  Nietzsche, the Sixties, and Pop Culture
  41.  The Vietnam War
  42.  Killer Angels
  43.  The Watergate Scandal
  44.  The Islamic Phoenix
  45.  Jihad Comes Home
  46.  A President, A Prime Minister, and A Pope
  47.  The American Century

Modernity = pulls together the lessons we'll continue having to learn in culture until we get them right!

Audio + Slides + PDF notes, including instructor guides, student tests, answer guides, reading lists, graphics, and more!


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