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Thomas Chalmers (1780 -1847) was born during a season in Scotland in which the church was largely lifeless and dry.

Iain Murray is the preeminent Christian historian and biographer of the last generation and the founder of Banner of Truth. He writes- 

When Chalmers was born in 1780 it was about the deadest time in the history of the Church of Scotland since the Reformation. When he died in 1847 it was about the livest. The difference was almost entirely attributable to the Spirit’s work through him.

Chalmers trained a generation of leaders, radically altering the spiritual, moral, and political climate of Scotland. 



Keystones is a tool Thomas Chalmers’ vision and tool for discipleship through Scripture memory.

A keystone is the linchpin, the centerpiece, that holds a bridge or arch together. 

Chalmers desperately wanted his students to mine the riches of Scripture- and then hide it in their hearts.

He identified the key verse from every chapter of every book in the New Testament and created a tool that identified the passages which were, in his mind, keystones.

The result was a survey and systematic theology which his parishioners studied each day.


Now, the Keystones are available to you.

George Grant has been studying Chalmers- and the revivals which ensued from his ministry- for decades.

Feeling confident that the Keystones were one of the richest elements of Chalmers' ministry, George determined to recreate the Keystones for modern day followers of Christ who desire to live forward while looking back and mining the depths of Scripture to build solid roots.

The result is a 3-volume set of journals, identifying a key verse for each day. It's an incredible way to journey through the New Testament!

The Keystone passage each day provide a means to "live out" the confession that all Scripture is inspired and is valuable for living equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16).

Chalmers posited that unbelief was the result not of a lack of faith but of neglecting the Word: "Unbelief is an intelligent turning away from the Word of God. It is not rooted in ignorance but in negligence."

At StandFast, we feel a call to dig deep, feel courage and valor rising, and live forward graciously.


Frequently Asked Questions

Each book is approximately 200 pages. Paperbackks measure 5.5" x 8.5", and hardbacks are 5.8" x 8.3" (same size as a Molekine journal). These books are the perfect size for carrying with you.

Yes. These books are designed specifically to be written in. 

Each day includes a 2-page spread to equip you to interact with the Keystone verse for that day.

The New Testament version of the Keystones includes 3 volumes.

  • Volume 1 = The Four Gospels
  • Volume 2 = Acts through Philemon
  • Volume 3 = Hebrews through Revelation 

In addition, the first book contains details on how to utilize the Keystones to get the maximum benefit, and the third book includes additional biographical information about Chalmers.

Each Keystone hardback journal, regardless of volume, retails for $33.00

We're currently selling the paperback version for $21.00.

The books ship immediately.

No. The books are not dated. You can begin at any time. 

As a result, some people opt to work through the journals everyday. Others choose to take the weekends or Sundays off. 


Bonus #1- The Expulsive Power of a New Affection (eBook)

Charles Haddon Spurgeon declared that “The Expulsive Power of a New Affection” was among the greatest sermons preached since the time of the Apostle Paul.

In 1819, Thomas Chalmers was the pastor of St. John’s parish in the city of Glasgow and the leader of an Evangelical resurgence in Scotland. His powerful explanation of Gospel transformation in this sermon became an immediate sensation--thousands of copies were printed and distributed all throughout the English-speaking world. And, it has been heralded as a classic ever since, both for its picturesque literary quality and for its unstinting declaration of sovereign grace.

Bonus #2- Membership for 6 months in the George's private Facebook group, StandFast community. 

The StandFast community is where George posts his best context! Every day of the week he offers inspirational quotes, short blurbs he's read in his studies, reflections from his travels, or even hope-filled encouragement from the mission field...

And, the community is where George and the StandFast Street Team share daily insights they're gleaning from the Keystones!

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PURCHASE THE 3-VOLUME SET HERE- $87 in hardback PURCHASE THE 3-VOLUME SET HERE- $57 in paperback


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