The complete 4-year Humanities Curriculum, an extensive overview of history from Creation through the fall of Rome (part 1), from the beginning of Christianity through the Enlightenment (part 2), from the Age of Exploration through American History & Culture (part 3), and from the French Revolution through Present Day (part 4).

187 lectures by Dr. George Grant plus everything you need to undertake the learning endeavor, including slideshow presentations, instructor notes, exams, answer key, reading guide, and more.


  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Literature Planning Guide
  • Opportunities and Exams
  • Lecture Slides
  • Timelines

187 Lectures include- 

  1. 51 talks on Antiquity
  2. 45 lessons on Christendom
  3. 44 lectures on American Culture
  4. 47 lessons on Modernity

When you buy all 4 you get the discounted price-- it's like buying 3 and receiving the 4th free!

The Complete Humanities Curriculum is THE BEST DEAL for serious learners!

Audio or Video + Slides + PDF notes, including instructor guides, student tests, answer guides, reading lists, graphics, and more!


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