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The StandFast Community connects you to like-minded people- seeking to live forward by looking back!

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We've built the entire group around the Keystones process. Every day, we help each other move forward together!

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Our members-only Facebook group is the cornerstone of the StandFast Community

Feature #1 = Exclusive Monday - Friday posts by George

George posts his best context IN THE GROUP! Every day of the week he offers inspirational quotes, short blurbs he's read in his studies, reflections from his travels, or even hope-filled encouragement from the mission field...

It's all exclusive content available JUST for our StandFast Community!

Feature #2 = Two live video talks with George each week!

George also goes "live" twice every week in the group- another exclusive for community members. Sometimes he discusses a current event; other times he talks about a book he's read or is writing.

Group members have the opportunity to ask questions and provide immediate feedback for these scheduled talks. And, if you miss, no worries- you can review and watch as many times as you'd like, for as long as you're a member of the group.

Feature #3 = The StandFast Street Team

Community leaders assist in producing great content, based around the Keystones, every day of the week. Some shoot live videos, others post pictures, and some create written posts. 

This group of men and women, young and old, add a unique dimension to the group and keep the conversation going forward!

Feature #4 = Connect & interact with others like you!

One of the greatest features of the group is the ability to interact with other like-minded people, that is, others who are seeking to live forward while maintaining Biblical accuracy and historical fidelity to our roots. 

The group not only provides you with access to George, it also creates a forum to push forward together!

Feature #5 = Up-to-date info on cultural trends and Biblical responses

Let's face it. The "news" is often one-sided. And, even when it's not, it's helpful to have space to talk through some of the issues in an honest, respectful, thought-provoking way...

Proverbs tells us that in the same way iron sharpens iron, so also do we encourage, equip, and empower each other to become more and more like Christ!

And there's more!

Bonus #1 = The first to know!

George makes big announcements about upcoming events and opportunities in the group first. You'll learn about new releases and be "in the know" at all times.

Bonus #2 = Want to lead?

We're always looking for new leaders who have a desire to encourage, equip, and empower others. You don't need a seminary degree to do it- just a genuine love for people!

Common Questions About The StandFast Community

Membership provides you with each of the items listed above, including- 

👉 The private Facebook group (with all the features described).

We currently attach one Facebook account to the group per book. 

We realize that many families may want to involve the husband AND the wife in the group- and that they will likely follow different threads and comments, as they have different interests.

If you're ordering books in bulk, we'll get a list from you of people to add.

Membership is a "thank you" for those who have purchased the Keystones, and is provided to help them get the most from the resource. There is no cost for the group.


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