Christendom is available in audio and video formats

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Part 2 in the 4-year humanities curriculum. A comprehensive overview of history from the beginnings of Christianity through the Enlightenment.

Available in audio or video formats = 45 lectures by Dr. George Grant + slideshow presentations. Includes instructor notes, exams, answer key, reading guide, and more.


  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Literature Planning Guide
  • Opportunities and Exams
  • Lecture Slides
  • Timelines


  1.  Welcome to the Humanities
  2.  Small, Unpromising Beginnings
  3.  The Patristics
  4.  Athanasius
  5.  The Seven Ecumenical Councils
  6.  Augustine and Antithesis
  7.  Barbarians and the “Fall” of Rome
  8.  The Miracle of the Celtic Church
  9.  Monasticism and Civilization
  10.  The Legacy of Gregory the Great
  11.  The Bulwark of Byzantium
  12.  Charlemagne and Mohamed
  13.  The Code of Chivalry
  14.  Medieval Feudalism
  15.  Medieval Aesthetics
  16.  The Troubadours and Jongleurs
  17.  Pre-Reformation Semper Reformanda
  18.  Beauty, Goodness, and Truth: Seven Lamps
  19.  Making Time for Permanent Things
  20.  Scholasticism and the Vertigo of Lists
  21.  Rootedness, Pilgrimage, and the Future
  22.  An Incarnational Worldview
  23.  Castles, Villages, and Parishes
  24.  Covenant Calling and the Guild System
  25.  A New Wave of Barbarian Invasions
  26.  A Crusade to Liberate the Captives
  27.  Outrémere and the Defensive Crusades
  28.  The Crusading Spirit
  29.  The Calamitous 14th Century
  30.  The Earliest Reformers
  31.  Groote and the Brethren of the Common Life
  32.  Reeling into Renaissance
  33.  Post Tenebras Lux: Reformation
  34.  The Magisterial Reformation
  35.  Reformation’s Second Fiddles
  36.  The First World War
  37.  Jan Comenius
  38.  The Authorized Version
  39.  Alias Shakespeare
  40.  The Divine Right of Kings
  41.  Cromwell and Milton
  42.  The Westminster Assembly
  43.  The Puritans and Pilgrims
  44.  The 250 Years War
  45. The Founders and Classical Education

Christendom = the crux of civilization

Audio + Slides + PDF notes, including instructor guides, student tests, answer guides, reading lists, graphics, and more!


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