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It Comes From Within (James 4)

james keystones podcast Sep 10, 2020


Whereas we tend to think that trouble comes from “out there,” James tells us to do something shocking: take a look in the mirror.

In chapter 4, he outlines what worldliness look like, as well as what Godliness looks like. And, as James tends to be, he’s pretty “cut and dry” in his assessments.

Furthermore, he calls us to humility, to realizing that the blessings we experience in this world don’t come to us because we’re “so bless-able.” Rather, they come our way because God is so good and kind.

This, then, encourages us to draw near to Him, to flee temptation, and to bestow the same grace on others that has been freely gifted to us…

… even if it is all a bit counter-cultural.


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