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SF 49- Contemplatio = Apply (Lectio Divina #4 of 6)

Once you’ve reflected on the chapter AND spent time praying through it, it is now time to respond to it. 

(The Respond page of the Keystones  includes Contemplatio, Evangelii, and Memoria.)

We begin those three with Contemplatio, that is, apply. 

The truths of the Scripture need to be practically lived and expressed in our lives (Contemplatio)…

Is there a command I need to obey…

… a grace I need to appropriate…

… a promise I need to cling to…

… a love I need to foster…

… a conviction I need to heed…

… or a kindness I need to extend?

Write it down: but be tangible and specific— this is the place for practical application after all. 




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