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SF 45- Lectio = Read (Lectio Divina #1 of 6)

When you open the Keystones book, you’ll notice that there’s a two-page spread for each chapter of the Bible. The left side contains three Reflection steps; the right side contains three Respond steps.

Over the next few talks, we’ll discuss each of the six steps, as they’re based on a historical method of reading Scripture known as the Lectio Divina— that is, Divine (Divina) Reading (Lectio).

The first step in this “Divine Reading” is to first read… not with the end to apply or do any other thing, but to dive in and observe what’s been written and transmitted to us through the ages.

As you read the Gospel chapter (Lectio), what do you observe?.

Are there repeated words, noteworthy images, strong verbs, Old Testament allusions, unusual vocabulary, names, places, promises, commands, or warnings?.

Take note of these and write them down. 

This is the first step in Divine Reading… 



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