SF 22- Yes, Christians get distressed and dismayed

George’s conversation with Caleb and Rebecca Faires focuses on their new publication, The Book of Comforts, published by Zondervan. A coffee table book filled with stories, Scripture, illustrations, photographs, and inspirations, the book navigates all the ways the Lord provides comfort to us and for us in times of distress and dismay.

After hearing this discussion, you’ll want to have this book in your home—and you’ll probably want a few spares to give to the hurting people you know and love.

The Book of Comforts is a beautiful four-color book of readings that offer biblical consolation and encouragement in seasons of trial and grief. Scripture selections are accompanied by brief devotions, alongside designed Scripture passages and photography.

Grief, loss, and pain are significant and unavoidable parts of the human experience, but they’re often overlooked or minimized. In moments of heartache and challenges we either crumble or we discover the richness of God's love. Scripture deals plainly and honestly with suffering and simultaneously points people the rich hope we find in God.

It's a beautiful, illustrated book on the true comfort found only in God's Word. 


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Here's the book's Zondervan landing page: https://bit.ly/2B7q9Gn

Here's the amazon link: https://amzn.to/2UvBK9H

Here's a dropbox link to lifestyle photos of the book: ⁠BOC⁠⁦dropbox.com⁩

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