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SF 15- The Great Awakening, part 2- Jonathan Edwards

podcast Apr 04, 2019

In this talk we continue the discuss on The Great Awakening, focusing on America’s premier theologian, Jonathan Edwards (JE). In many ways, this man was George Whitefield’s (GW) exact opposite…

Whereas GW was a gifted orator; JE trembled and shook as he read his manuscripts.

Whereas GW called for mass conversions; JE actually told people who were ready to convert to stop weeping so that he could finish reading his sermon.

Whereas GW was a traveler; JE remained at a single church for most of his ministry.

Whereas GW drew the masses; JE preached to a small congregation.

But the Lord used both for the pivotal revival that, in many ways, made the American Revolution possible.

That… and salutary neglect, of course. We’ll explain that, too.

This episode features a few sporadic barks from George’s dog, showing you that- yes- we record these lives AND without a script.

Finally, you can find this information and more in chapter 2, “The Great Awakening,” in An Experiment in Liberty.


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