SF 07- Do Entitlement Programs Help or Hurt the Poor?

In this talk George Grant is interviewed by Ernie Yarbrough, who leads the discussion on what the government should and shouldn’t do…

A few things stand out.

First, George reminds us (see the referenced book) that in everything the Christians does should reflect God’s pattern of dealing with us in the Gospels, as we see in Jesus. This becomes our pattern for dealing with others. This pattern weds together wisdom, grace and charity.

And that includes how we approach the door and needy…

Second, when we start looking at the government- and their potential invovlement- we not only want to avoid the trap of “salvation by legislation” but also the warning of Jude against those that despise dominion. Remember, our original call was dominion- to steward the planet…

Some people want to participate in that, and need a hand up…

Others done. A hand up simply keeps them on life support, thereby hindering them from being who they’re created to become.

What should our heart and attitude be as we come to this topic?

Well, the last hundred years development of Christian theology has really handicapped the church from being able to read the Bible and develop from it answers that really work… from really being able to look at life and be able to see what works and what doesn’t work. To work from the inside out and the outside in. From Word to action and action back to Word. We’ve focused so much on Heaven that we’ve forgotten that the Kingdom is now.

George talks about two big reasons why Christians should be opposed to the modern welfare state—practical and biblical.


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