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A Jerry Bridges Eleventary

eleventary Jun 22, 2020

Jerry Bridges was an evangelical Christian author, speaker and staff member of The Navigators. He was the author of more than a dozen books, including The Pursuit of Holiness, which has sold more than one million copies.

I've been reading Jerry Bridges (1929-2016) for nigh on four decades. Ever since the release of The Pursuit of Holiness by NavPress in 1978, I have eagerly awaited each of his new books. I've never been disappointed. Indeed, he became one of the chief influences on my life.

It was really difficult to choose, but Here is my selection of the best of his best:

1. The Pursuit of Holiness (1978)

2. Respectable Sins (2007)

3. The Practice of Godliness (1983)

4. The Discipline of Grace (1994)

5. Transforming Grace (1991)

6. Trusting God (1988)

7. Growing Your Faith (2004)

8. The Transforming Power of the Gospel (2012)

9. The Fruitful Life (2006)

10. Is God Really in Control? (2006)

11. The Gospel for Real Life (2002)


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