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Antiquity = Part 1 in the 4-year humanities curriculum. A comprehensive overview of history from Creation through the Fall of Rome.

51 mp3 lectures by Dr. George Grant + slideshow presentations. OR 50 Video lectures + all audio files. Includes instructor notes, exams, answer key, reading guide, and more.


  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Literature Planning Guide
  • Opportunities and Exams
  • Lecture Slides
  • Timelines


  1. Orientation and Moral Philosophy
  2. Life, the Universe, and Everything
  3. After “In the Beginning…”
  4. Antediluvian Man
  5. Myths and Mythologies
  6. Diluvian Man
  7. Archaeology and Antiquity
  8. Babel and the Nations
  9. The Cradle of Civilization
  10. Mesopotamian Life
  11. Hamasantal Babylonian Culture
  12. Abraham and the Patriarchs: Wandering Nation
  13. The Civilizations of Egypt: Majesty and Mystery
  14. The Mystery of the Pyramids
  15. The Gods of Egypt and the Exodus
  16. Israel and History
  17. Covenantalism and Israel
  18. The Literature of Israel
  19. The Worship of Israel
  20. The Gift of the Jews
  21. Israel’s Practical Covanentalism
  22. Medes and Persians: A People Set Apart
  23. The Timelines of Early Antiquity: Making Sense of Time
  24. Habits for Leaders and Learners
  25. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
  26. How Do We Know What We Know?
  27. Greek City-States
  28. Greek Philosophy
  29. Greek Rhetoric and Oratory
  30. Greek Theater
  31. The Greek Gift of Genre
  32. The Great Playwrights
  33. Greek Poets and History
  34. The Classical Orders of Architecture
  35. The Phoenicians and the Celts
  36. The Sons of Noah: To Anatolia and Beyond
  37. Across the Steppes: The Silk Road
  38. The Indus Valley Civilization
  39. Jeremiah Small
  40. The Legacy of Alexander
  41. After Alexander: The Diadochoi
  42. Ancient China
  43. Ancient Japan
  44. Carthage and the Punic Wars
  45. The Roman Republic
  46. Julius Caesar and the Coming Empire
  47. Octavian Augustus Caesar
  48. The Reign of the Imperial Caesars
  49. Pax Romana
  50. Barbarians and the “Fall” of Rome
  51. Augustine of Hippo

Antiquity = the beginning. From Creation through Rome

Audio + Slides + PDF notes, including instructor guides, student tests, answer guides, reading lists, graphics, and more!


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