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Part 3 in the 4-year humanities curriculum. A comprehensive overview of history from the Age of Discovery through American History.

Includes 44 mp3 OR 38 video lectures AND 44 mp3s by Dr. George Grant + slideshow presentations. Includes instructor notes, exams, answer key, reading guide, and more.


  • Instructor’s Guide
  • Literature Planning Guide
  • Opportunities and Exams
  • Lecture Slides
  • Timelines


1. Meso-America: Antiquity’s Redeux

2. Early Contacts: Myths & Uncertainties

3. Prince Henry & Exploration

4. Christopher Columbus: The Man & theMyths

5. Hapsburg Conquistadors: Hegemony & Hamas

6. Scramble for Colonies: Adventurers & Settlers

7. International Conflicts: Two Hundred Fifty Years of War

8. Puritans & Pilgrims: New Life in a New World / The Mayflower Compact

9. Heros, Troublers, & Salutary Neglect (audio only)

10. The Great Awakening: Decline & Revival

11. The Founders & the Classics: A Lifetime of Learning

12. Mercantilism & the Stirrings of Revolt (audio only)

13. Reluctant Revolutionaries: The Surprising Stirrings of an American Reformation

14. Covenant Lawsuit: The Declaration of Independence

15. The Forgotten Presidents

16. Unlikely Friends: Franklin and Whitefield

17. The Mid-term Election of 2010: Principles & Propositions (audio only)

18. Post-Election: Where do we go from here? (audio only)

19. The Forgotten Founding: Extraordinary Individuals, Remarkable Transformations

20. Against All Odds: From the Outbreak of Hostilities to Valley Forge

21. The Tide Turns: Victory & Independence

22. A More Perfect Union: The Articles of Confederation

23. Domestic Tranquility: Moving Toward a New Constitution

24. Washington’s Leadership: Setting the Record Straight

25. Adams, Jefferson, & Hamilton: The Second Generation of the Founders

26. How Napoléon Made America: The Louisiana Purchase

27. The Undaunted Courage of Lewis & Clark

28. The Unnecessary War of 1812 (audio only)

29. Adams & Jackson: Two Alike Opposites (audio only)

30. The Trail of Tears: Amazing Grace in the Midst of Sorrow (audio only)

31. Clay, Calhoun, & Webster: The Great Triumvirate

32. The Nullification Crisis

33. Essential Habits of Emerging Leaders: The Lectio Divina

34. How Cultures Change: From Philosophy to Film

35. Chattel Slavery: Complications & Complexities

36. Fire-breathers: Ideologues and Provocateurs

37. A House Divided: Secession

38. Brother Against Brother

39. The War Shudders to an End

40. Reconstruction: Ashes and Antagonism

41. The Wild, Wild West: From Sea to Shining Sea

42. Give Me Your Huddled Masses

43. Fundamentalism, Modernism, and Economics: The Rise of the Social Gospel

44. Theodore Roosevelt: Morning in America

American Culture = the major player on the world stage for 3 centuries!

Audio + Slides + PDF notes, including instructor guides, student tests, answer guides, reading lists, graphics, and more!


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