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January and February 2020, Dr. Grant took 4 weeks to teach the Keystones at his church, Parish Presbyterian, during the “Sunday school” hour. Rather than just talking about the Keystones, however, he chose to lead them through the 4 chapters of Colossians to illustrate how to “do” the Keystones.

What are the Keystones?

The Keystones are a method of Scripture study + memory based on the historical practice of Lectio Divina (Divine Reading), a spiritual discipline utilized by the church for centuries.

But there’s a new twist on it. AND George outlines it and takes you through Colossians 1 in the first video.

In lesson 2 of the Colossians study, George talks about the importance of studying the Scripture. Thomas Chalmers, the first pastor to begin using the keystones approach, had been a pastor for eight years before he discovered the riches of diving deep into the Word. Then, upon doing so, he determined to make the Bible the Vode Mecham (“Book of Reference”) for all of life.

One concept he kept in view when undertaking this task was what he referred to as “reading the Bible in all directions.” 

After discussing the importance of this “reading in all directions,” George leads the group through Colossians 2, joining them as they work through that particular text, reading it in “all the ways.”

Notably, Scripture memory is actually commanded in the Bible itself (see Deuteronomy 6, 11, Psalm 119:11, Psalm 40, Colossians 3:16). In Bible times, people had to memorize Scripture, as they didn’t have access to the written text as readily as we do. With our “easy access,” it seems we may have taken its availability for granted.

In this lesson George explains that in order to get “mastery” of the passage, we should…

First, find the “keystone.” That is, identify the essence of the text.

Second, memorize it, thereby help us frame the greater passage (chapter).

And then, we should go a step farther, a step that Chalmers began utilizing….

Third, we should pray, asking the Lord with whom we should share that passage, encouraging them.

You see, the admonition to “speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” isn’t limited to Sunday morning worship services (see Ephesians 5:19).

What if we truly endeavored to breathe life into each other throughout the ups and downs of everyday life with a specific word from the Word?

All Scripture is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16-17). It’s all of value for all of life.

Yet there are certain passages we tend to “fly-over,” to borrow a term from Bible teacher Bruce Wilkinson. That is, we often see numbers, genealogies, or farewells at the end of letters… and we tend to just “skip” to the next seemingly more important passage. 

But, if all of the Word is truly Spirit-inspired, what can we learn from these lesser-read texts?

Colossians 4 is one such example. The first 6 verses look “normal,” like the scriptures we tend to read. Then, the final 12 verses are, well… they look like “filler.”

But when we dive into the end, we learn about wisdom and relationships and the connections Paul had— the same experiences we’re invited into with each other. 

In this video you'll learn about finding deep truths in the places we often slide by...

George Grant has been studying the keystones- and the revivals which ensued from Thomas Chalmers ministry after mining Scripture and creating this method of study- for decades.

Feeling confident that the Keystones were one of the richest elements of Chalmers' ministry, George determined to recreate the Keystones for modern day followers of Christ who desire to live forward while looking back and mining the depths of Scripture to build solid roots.

The result is a 3-volume set of journals, identifying a key verse for each day. It's an incredible way to journey through the New Testament!

Learn more about the Keystones here

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