Most Christians want to spend time in God's Word, so they can graciously stand firm in a changing culture. StandFast resources provide a plan to dig deep so that you can live forward.


One of the biggest political shams is that the abortion industry is about healthcare and women’s rights.

In George's 25th anniversary re-release, you’ll learn—

👉 Why Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with healthcare or even sexual freedom… but is all about Eugenics

👉 The racist roots of Planned Parenthood (the organization was created to eradicate the Black race, more babies are now aborted than born in certain cities in this group)

👉 The real reason we have the pro-life cause will prevail

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StandFast is the umbrella for the work of Dr. George Grant

StandFast is a call to dig deep, feel courage and valor rising, and live forward graciously...

Recovering our roots isn't about nostalgia or living in the past. Rather, it's about the admonition seriously that all Scripture is inspired and is valuable for living equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16). Further, we believe God is sovereign over history... that this is His story of the redemption and reconciliation of all things... and that the best way to know where we're going is to understand where we've been!

Many of us would love to read the great books.

📚 📚 📚 📚 📚

But it's hard to when...

👉  You don't feel like you have the time

👉  You don't know where to even start

👉  You don't have a trusted voice to lead you towards those great books + help you take a deep dive without getting lost 


If that sounds like you, then we've got some great news!

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More about George + The StandFast movement

George is the pastor of Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN, and oversees a network of churches around the world.

Parish Presbyterian Church

George is the author of 60-plus books, numerous blog posts, and too-many-articles to count. Much of his work is featured here.

George's Books

George is a modern, international pioneer in Christian education, helping to plant schools in the States and throughout the world.

Franklin Classical School

George is dynamic and highly-sought after speaker at seminaries, educational institutions, and other venues. 

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